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Maarten Lamers, Constant Brinkman, Sem Bakker
Maarten Lamers, Constant Brinkman, Sem Bakker

Looking for a unique and inspiring setting for your next corporate event? Look no further than the Dead End Gallery, where art and innovation converge to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, we offer tailored corporate events that combine art, technology, and education.


Our corporate events feature a selection of engaging lectures that explore the intersection of AI, creativity, and the legal aspects of this exciting field. Choose from our thought-provoking talks:

  1. AI and Creativity by Constant Brinkman (Co-Founder Dead End Gallery): Delve into the world of artificial intelligence and its impact on artistic creation. Constant Brinkman, our co-founder, will take you on a journey through the creative potential of AI.

  2. Copyrights and AI by Sem Bakker (Lawyer): Gain valuable insights into the legal intricacies surrounding AI-generated art. Sem Bakker, a seasoned lawyer, will provide a comprehensive overview of copyrights in the age of artificial intelligence.

  3. AI Explained by Dr. Maarten Lamers (Leiden University): For a deeper understanding of the technology behind the art, join Maarten Lamers, an assistant professor at Leiden University, as he demystifies the inner workings of AI.

flexible options

You have the flexibility to choose the combination of lectures that best suits your event. The first lecture by Constant Brinkman is mandatory, as it sets the stage for understanding the synergy between AI and creativity. You can then select one or both of the additional talks to tailor your event to your specific interests.


Our lectures are available in both Dutch and English, ensuring that your entire team can fully engage with the content.


Please note that our corporate events can accommodate a maximum of 35 people. This limit ensures a personalized and interactive experience for your team. For larger groups, we can also organise an event at a location of your choice.

enhance your experience

To make your event even more memorable, we offer optional drinks and bites. Enjoy a relaxing and sociable atmosphere after the lectures, where you can discuss the exciting concepts presented during the talks and network with your colleagues.


Ready to book a corporate event that's as unique as your team? Contact us by phone or email to discuss your specific needs and preferences. We look forward to hosting your group at the Dead End Gallery!


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